Confetti Bombs Rock!

The confetti shot – most weddings have one and it’s one of the most fun photographs of the day.  It’s also one of the most unpredictable!

When it works, the happy couple are showered in confetti from all angles as they walk through a line of guests and out of the church grounds, the resulting images are always spectacular.  Unfortunately, perfectly still days in the UK are few and far between.  Even when its warm and sunny it’s often blowing a gale and confetti doesn’t work so well if its being thrown into a headwind!

Getting it right on a blustery day isn’t easy, but at Mel & Chris’s wedding I photographed in December near Lincoln this problem was overcome by using Confetti Bombs.  I’ve only ever seen these used a couple of times, and I can’t understand why they’re not more popular!  They cover a huge area in a cloud of confetti regardless of how windy it is.

Not only were they used as Mel & Chris left the church, but also during the first dance, which created some stunning photographs as you can see below