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French Destination Wedding at Chateau de Lisse

Only a couple of weeks after my previous trip to Bordeaux, it was time to head back to south-west France again.  This time in Gascony, for Helen & Ed’s Chateau de Lisse wedding. I’d been looking forward to this one for some time. Not just because of the beautiful location, fabulous couple and great weather. It would also be a week-long road trip with good friends Gary & Martin from First Sight Weddings (shooting video, see below) and Maree Frances Photography helping out with stills, and some of the driving!

We arrived at Chateau de Lisse on Thursday afternoon. Helen & Ed had been kind enough to provide accommodation on-site, which meant we could get to know everyone before the day, as well as view the venue and its vast grounds more thoroughly than we otherwise could. Take a look at our Instagram stories for more behind the scenes on the trip in general.

Wedding Film

Click below to view Helen & Ed’s wedding highlights film.

Wedding Morning

Saturday morning arrived, and preparations began. The atmosphere was entirely relaxed, helped by a scheduled 3pm ceremony so that everyone could take their time getting ready.

The Ceremony

I adore capturing this moment between the bride and her father. It’s always such a beautiful moment, though challenging to document well. There’s so much emotion in such a short space of time before everyone realises they need to hold it together, and not ruin the makeup they’ve just had perfected!

Helen & Ed’s ceremony was, of course, held outside. The steps leading down to the lawn made for a beautiful entrance, and Ed did well not to turn around until Helen was just a few feet away!

After the ceremony was a drinks reception on the mid-terrace, thankfully shaded by the tree’s as it was super hot! Confetti followed, then some Tequila shots (why not?) before being seated for dinner on the upper terrace.

You may have spotted this guy already. I’m not sure if he has a name, but he featured heavily throughout the wedding day and, in fact, the whole weekend. Appearing in the most unlikely and ridiculous places, and even making his way onto the dance floor as you’ll see later.

Sunset & Dance Floor Madness

After speeches, the sun was getting close to the horizon, so we took the opportunity to take Helen & Ed for an informal walk around the grounds. Of course, this turned into them kicking off their shoes and running around a volleyball court kicking sand at each other. All standard wedding stuff.

You can see why people choose a Chateau de Lisse wedding as you truly are spoiled with endless beautiful scenery.

The first dance arrived all too soon, but it certainly wasn’t getting close to the end of the evening. As the drinks continued to flow, the dance floor degenerated into a partially clothed dance-off. If you’re easily offended by mild nudity, I’d suggesting skipping ahead a little! Though it did make for some incredible images, showing just what a phenomenal time everyone had. Maybe just squint a little.

That Swimming Pool Jump

Finally, if you’ve already watched the film at the top of this post, you’ll have seen that Helen & Ed did indeed jump into the swimming pool, while wearing their wedding clothes! Originally we planned to do this at midnight, as a surprise for their guests. But, as you saw above, everyone was having far too much of a good time on the dance floor. Even at 1am when we finally put the cameras down!

We decided these should be the final images to sign off one of the most amazing weekends I’ve had the privilege of being involved with.  So here they are, probably with a significant hangover, diving into the pool.

A massive thanks to Maree, Martin & Gary for everything they did. Make sure you watch the film at the top of the page and check out their website too.