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France Destination Wedding at Chateau Lagorce

At the time of writing, it’s 5 months since Sarah & Liam’s Chateau Lagorce Wedding in June.  Right now in the UK, the temperature is in single digits, and water is relentlessly falling from the sky.  Ironically, when I arrived in Bordeaux on Friday, 24hrs before their wedding, the weather wasn’t too dissimilar.  Every weather app said it would be 35 degrees and bright sunshine on Saturday however, so we kept fingers crossed!

Wedding Film

Click below to view Sarah & Liam’s wedding film, or keep scrolling to see & read more from their day.

Wedding Morning at Chateau Lagorce 

After a misty start, the sun finally revealed itself, setting us up for a beautiful outdoor ceremony in this outstanding family-owned chateau. The guys and girls both had their own wing of the castle effectively, meaning Sarah & Liam could move around without bumping into each other. While Sarah was in the hot seat having her makeup perfected by the Bow & Blush sisters, Liam and the guys were having a slightly more laid back morning in the pool!

It was almost time for Sarah to put on her stunning Blush by Hayley Paige dress when a present from Liam arrived. A Tag watch accompanied with a note: ‘a little something to make sure you’re on time’.

25 minutes after the ceremony was supposed to start, we were ready to go! But not before Sarah had a moment with her dad, who would be walking her down the aisle in just a few minutes.

Ceremony on the Lawn

Sarah wanted to walk the stairs down to the second terrace on her own, with her dad joining her for the remaining flight of stairs onto the lawn. So as Sarah walked out into the sunlight, alone, and caught a glimpse of all of her guests for the first time, the emotion was overwhelming! Cue Anna, owner and co-ordinator on the day, who jumped in and gave Sarah a little squeeze. A few moments and deep breaths later, and with makeup still intact, Sarah began the walk down to the ceremony.

The long staircase at Chateau Lagorce lends itself to perhaps the most dramatic bridal entrance I’ve ever seen at a wedding venue. It also allowed me to get a few different angles, including capturing Liam’s emotion as Sarah approached, without running around like a maniac! The drone footage of this moment captured by Pav Guliani is just stunning.  

Terrace Reception

The ceremony, confetti and formal groups completed, it was time for a champagne fountain and drinks reception on the top terrace, with music performed by Liam Sullivan.  

Food, speeches, more food, and more speeches followed! The plan was to head into the vines at the end of the meal, some time close to sunset. With a course of food and one speech still remaining, however, sunset was looming, so we had to improvise a little. Hats off to Anna again here. I mean, weddings rarely stick to the schedule, but when everyone’s having this much of a good time, there’s no chance. Anna made time for us to get some beautiful portraits of Sarah, Liam and of course, Sarah’s bridesmaids in the vines as the light started to fade.  

We returned for the much anticipated best men’s speech, as well as a guest appearance from ‘Sassy Stanley’.

First Dance under the Stars

One of the highlights of a Chateau Lagorce Wedding has to be the location used for the first dance. A second, lower terrace covered in fairy lights and illuminated further by guests holding sparklers was the perfect setting. Going straight from this, immediately into a surprise fireworks display was certainly technically challenging! Sarah and Liam walked over to the wall, embraced each other, and their guests looked on in amazement. 

It was a perfect bookend to an incredible day.

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Venue:  Chateau Lagorce

Hair & Makeup:  Bow & Blush

Dress:  Blush by Hayley Paige 

Video:  Pav Guliani

Flowers:  Anna Holmes

Guitarist:  Liam Sullivan

DJ:  Mixology