I’m a great believer that a high quality printed image will always look better than one displayed on a screen.  There’s something about the tangible experience of looking through a beautiful Fine Art Wedding Album.

The albums I offer are finely crafted books, bound in the highest quality leather, cotton or silk.  Handmade through every step of the process, they are designed and constructed to last a lifetime.

Matte finish fine art paper is included as standard, with the option of either a 400gsm or 600gsm page thickness.  Pages lay completely flat, enabling images to be printed over a double page with an almost invisible crease.

Available in 3 sizes, from 8″x8″ up to 12″x12″

Prices Start from £400

Ready to Order?


To create your fine art wedding album, you need to first make an order through the album store here.  Then choose which images you would like including in your album.  Follow the detailed steps below.

Create and Order your Album

Visit the album store and create an album to your exact specifications.  Choose from a range of album sizes, covers, personalisation options and other little extras.  The number of pages you choose directly affects how many images can be included in your album.  I recommend choosing around 30-40 pages to begin with (this can be changed later).  Most designs include 2 images per page on average.

Submit the order.  No payment will be taken at this point, as page numbers often change throughout the design process.

Choose your Images

Once your order has been submitted, you will receive an email with a request for an image selection.  Follow the link to your gallery and start selecting your favourite photos.  Once complete, view your selection in the top right of your gallery, and if happy, send it through to me.

Approving your Design

Soon after submitting your image selection, I’ll send over an album layout for you to view.  Changes can be made easily, as well as additional images & pages added.  Once the design is approved payment is taken and your album is sent into production.

Delivery is typically within 4 weeks of payment being received.