A French Chateau Wedding with British Weather

If you’ve been on planet earth this year, you’ll know describing any wedding as ‘a highlight of 2020’ is faint praise, considering hardly any have happened. But even if the world hadn’t turned upside down, this French chateau wedding would have been right up there.

Lauren and Tom stuck to their plans and refused to believe that their wedding wouldn’t go ahead in August. I’m so glad they did!

I arrived at beautiful Chateau Lagorce the day before, just as Lauren, Tom and family were arriving. We ate lots of Pizza, and I re-familiarised myself with this idyllic setting just east of Bordeaux.

I joined everyone late the next morning as preparations were getting underway. Once Lauren was in her beautiful Suzanne Neville dress, we made our way out onto the terrace, where Lauren’s dad was waiting for her. One of the most impressive features of this French Chateau is the long staircase to the lake, down which Lauren and her dad walked together. Usually, the bridal procession is over in a matter of seconds, but this feature makes the brides entrance much more of an event, allowing guests to watch on, and catch a first glimpse of the dress as Lauren came into view.

Selfishly, this feature also allowed me a little extra time to capture different angles of Lauren’s entrance, the bridesmaids, and the emotion on Tom’s face! The nerves must really build in those final few moments.

The ceremony took place by the lake, surrounded by tall trees offering some shade from the August sun. Afterwards, everyone made their way back up to the terrace for drinks and canapes.

Speeches soon followed, and as Lauren’s father captured everyone’s attention, over the hills in the distance were rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning, slowly moving in our direction from the coast. By the time the first course was served, a light rain was falling, but being mostly caught by parasols covering the tables. It was all completely fine. Until it wasn’t.

The storm had definitely arrived. For a few minutes, a hardcore group of guests refused to move inside and continued their starters! But eventually, the combination of rain and wind was too much, and we all retreated indoors.

Obviously, a little disappointment was inevitable that the storm had arrived right at that moment, but Lauren & Tom’s guests all got together and helped the staff move tables inside so they could continue their meal. But not before some impromptu piano playing and singing to lighten the mood!

As the weather settled, and the sun dropped lower to the horizon, we took a walk through the vines behind the chateau for a few portraits. Lauren’s dress collecting quite a few ‘memories’ (muddy stains), but they’ll just serve as a reminder of what a unique wedding this was.

The evening finished with dancing and fireworks under the now perfectly clear skies.  Scroll down to enjoy this wonderful French destination wedding.

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