How to get the Perfect Confetti Photo

Perfect Confetti Photo Wedding Photography

A Photographers Perspective: The Perfect Confetti Photo…

The confetti shot is one of a few ‘must have’ photos that you really want in your wedding album. Of course picking the right wedding photographer is a big part of this, but there are some things you can do yourself to make sure you get the desired effect.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learnt along the way.


Choose & Supply Your Confetti

Don’t just assume guests will bring their own. It varies from one wedding to the next, but often only a few guests remember to bring any. So it’s over to you.

You can choose natural dried petals, fresh petals or paper confetti. But bear in mind many venues only allow bio-degradable confetti. Downsides to the paper confetti are it’s so light it just disappears at the merest hint of a breeze, plus I have seen some of the cheaper stuff leak colour.  Not ideal on a white dress!  Fresh petals are ok, but they don’t fly through the air as well as dried petals, plus they’re expensive.  I’d always recommend natural dried petals, either bought online or picked and dried yourself. Or you could farm out that job to whichever bridesmaid has the biggest garden!  Natural dried petals do tend to get caught in hair more easily though, you’ll be finding bits of it for hours afterwards!

They all have their pros and cons, so pick what’s best for you.  You could always go for Confetti Bombs, not a traditional approach but certainly effective! Read more on those here


Perfect Confetti Photo Perfect Confetti Photo

Handing out the Confetti

Pretty paper flutes, individual boxes, tiny little bags no one can open in time etc. These are all great ways for guests to grab their quota of confetti, but this approach falls down at the final and most crucial moment, actually throwing the confetti.

Think about it, you’ve got a little box or flute of confetti and you want to shower the bride and groom as they walk past. Naturally you’re going to either flick your wrist and fling the confetti at them, or you’re going to reach across and tip it over them.  From your point of view this means potentially an entire box of confetti directly in the face, or a little pile of confetti on your head!  And brides, often quite a lot down the front of your dress too.

Take away the box or flute and you take away this problem.  Have the bridesmaids or flower girls walk along the line of waiting guests with a little basket full of confetti, letting everyone take a handful.  With just their hands to use, everyone automatically throws the petals up in the air as you walk towards them.  This creates a much better photograph with confetti gently falling all around you.

Don’t worry if you’ve just arrived at this blog after spending an afternoon making dozens of personalised confetti cones!  I’m not saying it won’t work, take the photo at the top of this page as an example.  If you go with this approach just make sure you have enough for everyone.


Perfect Confetti Photo

Organising Guests

Your photographer should be able to get everyone into position quickly and give you the nod when he or she’s ready.  I almost always arrange guests in two long lines along a path and have the bride & groom walk through the middle.  This allows everyone a front row seat and also makes the process last a bit longer, allowing me to get plenty of shots and even swap lenses/cameras halfway through to get a different perspective.

The other option is surrounding the couple with guests and have everyone throw at the same time.  When this works, it looks incredible, but its more difficult to get right than the first option.  Firstly if your photographer isn’t quick he could potentially miss focus and not get the shot!  Or, what’s more likely, is the huge shower of confetti results in one of you looking down or pulling an ‘interesting’ expression!!  It’s perfectly natural when something is thrown at you of course, but would be a shame when you come to view your images.

I say go with the first option whenever possible.

Last but not least, put your champagne down first.  Soggy confetti doesn’t taste great!