Villa Pellegrini, Italy


Wedding at Villa Pellegrini, close to Lake Garda, Italy.

Post-wedding shoot at Punta Larici on day 2.


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Accommodation: 13th – 15th September 2024

Closest Airport:  35mins / Verona

Places Available:  1 photo / 0 video

What to Expect

Document your first destination wedding with no pressure or expectation to deliver.  You’ll be free to experiment and photograph the whole event in a way that is true to your style.

Accommodation for two nights, transfers to and from the airport, and travel between locations on the day of the event are all included.


Obviously, you’ll need a passport!  But in terms of experience, we accept wedding photographers of all levels.  It’s recommended that you have experience shooting at least a few weddings already, but advice and direction will be available throughout the event.

After checkout, you will receive a link by email to book in for a Zoom call so we can talk through the event details.

Full payment is taken at the time of booking.  If you change your mind, a full refund is available up to 3 months before the event.


Villa Pellegrini

Day 1 – Wedding at Villa Pellegrini

A spectacular villa located in the hills close to Lake Garda, Italy.

Take a look at their website or Instagram below for more information.

Day 2 – Post Wedding Shoot at Punta Larici

With panoramic views over Lake Garda, this viewpoint will offer some incredible images.

Please note day 2. will involve apprx. 1hr (but relatively easy) hike in each direction to access this viewpoint.  Details on this hike are widely available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use images I take on my social media & website?

Of course! The whole purpose of the destination wedding mentorship is to build an authentic portfolio of images from real destination weddings.  The only thing we ask is that you wait until the couple receive their full gallery from us before posting.

Are couples made aware that I'll be there on the day?

Yes!  We always make couples aware that up to two additional photographers may be present on their wedding day.

Will I have to do second shooter duties? Carry your bag? Or get boring shots from the back?

Absolutely not! There will of course be sensitive or quiet moments where it’s necessary to give the couple space, particularly during the ceremony, but generally, you can shoot the wedding however you wish.

What's the accommodation like?

It varies between different venues.  We usually stay as close as possible to the venue, typically in a large privately rented home (AirBnb etc.) or a good hotel if nothing suitable is available nearby.  We’ll share details of accommodation with you several months before the day.

Can I bring my partner or friend along with me?

Of course.  You’re welcome to bring a travel companion, and people often combine a destination wedding with a longer trip.  Please be aware that although they can join you at the accommodation, they will not be able to attend the wedding.

Can you give advice on travelling with camera equipment etc?

Yep.  We’ll chat about all the logistical aspects of the trip in our pre-wedding call.  But we’re always available via email or WhatApp if you have questions.